Why offer audio “kits”?

Why offer audio “kits”?


Why offer audio “kits”?

This is one of the biggest questions people ask when they’re trying to acquire audio assets for their games, why offer audio kits?


The Power of Now

Immediately you’ll have the sounds you need for your project. Maybe you don’t have 100% of what you need, but having 60-70% of your assets completed immediately is more than half the battle. You are able to get sounds into your game today and start feeling how your sounds are being played back, when they’re being triggered, their location in space, and more.


Testing Makes Perfect

You can begin testing your sound effects in-game instantly, as opposed to having to wait for a sound designer to create your asset from scratch. This gives you the power to start testing your audio engineering and get a better feel for your game. Gather feedback from your team, make sure people are playing with their sound on – you’re going to want to know when people are annoyed, and make adjustments as needed.


Top Quality

With years of experience in video game audio creation and development, we build these kits with the same intention we’d build our own projects with large corporate budgets. You are getting high quality kits made by people who have created top-notch sound effects for videos for almost every platform.



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